GFN23: Tobacco harm reduction - the next decade

Main topics for GFN 2023
  • Are we climbing or dismantling the wall? Overcoming adversity, getting the message heard
  • Who are the legitimate stakeholders in THR?
  • The politics of scientific publishing
  • Equality of access to THR – barriers and solutions
  • 10 years of science in THR
  • THR science and regulation – morality and reality
  • Nicotine – pleasure, therapy and everything in between
  • THR the next decade – challenges and opportunities
Additions to the conference

Recent additions to the conference, including GFN-Fives and the GFN commentary Team broadcasts, streamed on our GFN·TV Youtube channel, will also be a feature.

For those unable to make it to Warsaw, selected sections of the programme will be broadcast live, free of charge, with simultaneous English to Spanish translation available online. Recordings of the full proceedings will be posted soon after the event.